What's Justus SmartGrep

Justus SmartGrep parses all the statements of a set of programs and creates and index that can be used to search files based on the statements read. Generic search utilities only search lines in files but most ABL statements are usually written using more than one line, so you ability to find what you're looking for is limited. Also, SmartGrep can recognize different types of statements (FOR, ASSIGN, FIND, CREATE, etc.) so you can search only through the desired types.

Running Justus SmartGrep

To start Justus coverage you have to run:

justus smartgrep

Be sure you have $JUSTUS_HOME/bin on your path.

Creating an Index

To create a new Source Code Index you have to click File -> New... and inform the location of the new database. If you type the location of an existing database all the information will be updated with the new entries found by this new processing. However, you have in the old database information about source files not found in the new path, they won't be removed from the database.

Create Database

You can add as many source directories you wish. SmartGrep will recursively search through the directories looking for files with the specified extensions (.p, .w. .i and .cls), parse and add them to the database.

Opening and Existing Index

If you have previously created a database and want to search for files you just go to File -> Open... and inform the database's location. Notice that the database is a folder in your Operating System.

Open Database